The home of FatCatAttack's Carbon Combat Fan Fiction. A few years ago, FatCatAttack was writting a fan fiction. I made this site to keep all the episodes together. Then FatCatAttack said that soon he may not be able to visit CC for a long time due to hurricane sandy or something like that. He never did come back. Anyways, after that I made a new site for the fan fiction to replace this. I made a site with and I made a redirect here. But now, I visited the (new) site, and found that it is frozen. For some reason the new site got frozen for violation of policy or something but I don't know why. All the episodes and stuff on this site was removed, and because the new site is frozen, the only way to get the episodes is to find the original thread on Carbon Combat forums. So just now (May 8, 15) I set all the episodes back to Active so everyone can see. I also removed the redirects and rewrote this homepage explaining the story.
I don't know why I moved everything to a new site... this site is good. But I did...
Well anyway, that's all. Click "Content" in the navbar to see the episodes.
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